Dog Lover 100%

Coffee Drinker Extraordinaire 90%

Book Worm 85%

World Traveler 60%

Information about Emilie Bourdages Photography


Customers love Emilie Bourdages of Bourdages Photography because of her unending passion for her work and her commitment to her clients. Emilie treats her photography as an art form, something that should be cherished and consistently appreciated. Emilie believes that each image she captures has the ability to stand on its own and invite the viewer to the scene within the frame to tell a story. She’s humbled by the ability of images to last a lifetime, often passing down for generations to come and encourages evoking their audiences to wonder, wish, and dream.

Emilie enjoys the challenge of understanding the changing light around us. She believes that brightness and light are connected to our happiest moments, which is the primary inspiration and creative focus for Bourdages Photography.

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